• SoundCem- GA is a liquid adding agent, for easy and fast grinding for producing fine quality of Portland and Hydraulic cement.
  • SoundCem –GA is manufactured in compliance with the specifications ASTM-C 465 and working as an excellent AID in processing .SOUNDCEM-GA is also a glycol/amine based product.

A Liquid Agent for Easy Grinding

USAGE :- A liquid agent for easy grinding in the process of producing Portland cement and Hydraulic Cement.


  • Colour/Form : Brown Liquid
  • Specific Gravity @ 20°c : 1.120-1.130
  • Chloride Content : No Trace
  • pH@ 27°c : 10.60


0.05 to 0.15% by weight depending upon the type of clinker using in the process and the required end results.

Special Notes

  • It has no noxious fumes.
  • If contacted with human body wash thoroughly with liquid soap & water to the affected area.
  • Care should be taken to see that, it should not be tasted or swallowed and all safety instructions are to be followed strictly in order to avoid any accidents.

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