SoundGrout - GPG-2

Soundgrout – GPG-2 is a cement based dry premixed, general purpose non shrink, high strength free flowing grout.


Area of Applications

Ideally suited as a pouring material for foundation of machinery, base plates and also as an anchoring for variety of fixtures.


  • Hardens hydraulically without shrinkage.
  • extra-ordinary bonding properties.
  • low permeability and high early and final strength.
  • Expansion type gaseous expansion systems.


Mix in a clean container using a mechanical mixer mix thoroughly with 4.5 Ltrs of water per 25kg to achieve flowable and 4 Ltrs to achieve pourable consistency.

Background Preparation

All backgrounds must be thoroughly clean, devoid of grease , dust etc. which may affect the addition. Saturate the area with water at least 10 to 12 hrs of applications. Prior to pouring of the grout drain the area so as there is no free water remain on the surface. All the cavities and holes should be blown to remove any trapped water.

Fluctural Strength ( N/MM2)

No. Of Days Additional Water 18%
1 Days 3
7 days 8
28 Days 10
  • FRESH MORTAR DENSITY : Approximately 2.2 kg per Ltrs.
  • APPEARANCE : Granular gray powder.
  • WORKABILITY : Approximate 40 minutes..
  • FREE EXPANSION : 1 t0 4 %


If applied as per the recommendation in the product data-sheet, Soundgrout – GPG-2 is guaranteed for the purpose of which it is recommended . We can not assume responsibility of misuse of our products . we assume no responsibility for the finished work as we have no control over factors such as mixing, application, background preparation, whether and other condition that may prevail at the time of applications.

Strength Charecterstics ( N/MM2 )

Sr. No. No. of Days FLOWABLE Additional Water 18% POURABLE Additional Water 16%
1 1 25 30
2 7 50 55
3 28 > 65 > 75

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