Ready Mix Plaster


About Ready Mix Plaster

  • Super Plast RMP-1 is a factory premixed sand based cement Plaster.
  • Same product can be used for both internal & external application.
  • RMP-1 can be directly applied in single coat on brick / block walls, concrete, calcium silicate blocks, AAC blocks etc.
  • RMP-1 comprises of high quality ordinary portland cement, graded silica sand fibers and polymers.
  • RMP-1 can be applied to a minimum thickness of 6mm to maximum of 15 mm in single coat.
  • Where the thickness of application is more than 15 mm, Multiple coats at right interval is advised.


Surface Preparartion

It must be made sure before the application of RMP-1 that the substrate is free of dust, loose particles, oil and other such contamination which may affect the bonding. If the surface is dry, it should be moistened (SSD) with potable water.


RMP-1 is available in 40 kg & 20 kg HDPE bag with liner.

Shelf Life

RMP-1 has a shelf life for 6 months from the date of manufacturing, it should be stored in cool and dry condition.

Health & Safety Precaution

  • This product is for external use only
  • Clean tools & hands with soap water
  • In case of contact with eyes, kindly rinse with water immediately. In case of any problems, consult a physician immediately
  • Protective clothing such as gloves and goggles should be worn at all times while using this product.

Technical Data

Particulars Details
Appearance and Colour Greyish Powder
Aggregate Size From - To 150 Microns to 2.50 mm
Water Demand - Manual Application 16 - 18% approx
Water Demand - Manual Application 17 - 19% approx
Pot Life 60 Minutes approx @ 30° C & 60 RH
Consumption 1.65 Sqm/40 kg Bag @ 10 mm thickness approx
Dry Density 1.63 kg per liter
Wet Density 2.10 kg per liter
Compressive Strength (ASTM C 109) 3 Days : 1.85 N/mm2
7 Days : 3.3 N/mm2
28 Days : 6.1 N/mm2
Bond Strength (ASTM C 882) 7 Days cured @ 1.25 Mpa
Raoid Chloride Permeability Test
(RCPT - ASTM C 1202:2012)
28 Days < 10000 coulombs

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